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Update: Witness Testifies to Alpine Fatality Suspect’s Drunkenness

Travis Chris Weber, the man suspected of running down and killing Alpine cyclist Edward Costa in December, told police that he had been on a drinking binge for at least five days at the time of the alleged killing, and that he didn’t remember anything.

Not only did witnesses testify to his belligerence on the night of the accident, but the honorable Judge Lantz Lewis said that Weber showed “indifference toward the safety of others,” and must stand trial for Costa’s death.

Weber will be held in jail on a $1 million bail, pending the February 4th hearing to set a trial date.

For all of the details, please read this Union Tribune article here. Additional (and troubling) perspective on the state of mind of Weber can be found in this MSNBC article.

To read the full articles on the case, please visit these San Diego Union Tribune links:

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