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Will Armstrong Dominate Come TDF 2010?

YES…well, at least if Armstrong himself has anything to say about it. The Los Angeles Times caught up with Armstrong and his Team RadioShack as they trained in Tucson to discuss future plans.

Although Armstrong freely admits that Contador is “clearly” the strongest bicyclist in the world, he has a new lease on life, and a new Team (team RadioShack) for the Tour de France in 2010. A smart businessman and avid sports fan, Armstrong doesn’t shy away from rumors of the building rivalry between himself and former teammate and TDF champion Contador. “Come game day,” Armstrong says, “you need a bit of that build-up.” And, with Contador going on record to say things like he has “never had admiration for [Armstrong]…and never will” it could get pretty tense.

Team RadioShack, composed of 8 out of 9 Atsana riders from last year’s tour (Contador being the notable exception), has already started training in full force. Although Armstrong is no longer on top of the bicycling world, he hasn’t fallen far; and with a team full of people like Bruyneel, Leipheimer, Horner, Kloden, Yaroslav Popovych, Jose Luis Rubiera, Tomas Vaitkus, Gregory Rast and Sergio Paulinho, it would be silly to count ‘em out.

Read a more detailed account of Team RadioShack’s plans in the Los Angeles Times article here.


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