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Injured in a Bicycle or E-Bike Crash?

Bicycle and E-bike Crash Attorney in San Diego, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos

The Law Firm of Richard Duquette has recovered millions in damages for injured bicyclists and E-bicyclist since 1983. Attorney Duquette is an experienced bicyclist and E-bicyclist himself and has dedicated his practice to helping this community. He is experienced in all types of cases involving bicycle and E-bike crashes, injuries, and other legal troubles.

Bicycle and E-bike Crash Attorney in Oceanside

Bicycle and E-Bike Crash Lawyer in Oceanside & San Diego

Choose an Avid Cyclist as Your Accident Attorney

Have you been injured while riding your bicycle or E-Bike? The damages can be catastrophic, especially in bicycle or E-bike crashes involving cars. If you want to seek fair compensation for the needless pain and suffering a negligent driver or other individual caused you, the best decision might be to contact a professional personal injury lawyer with a long history of representing bicyclists and their families.

The Law Firm of Richard Duquette has recovered millions in damages for injured bicyclists and E-bicyclists since 1983. Attorney Duquette is an experienced bicyclist and E-bicyclist himself and has dedicated his practice to helping this community. He is experienced in all types of cases involving bicycle and E-bike crashes, injuries, and other legal troubles.

Whether you’ve been the victim of road rage, drunk or drugged driving, three-foot violations, dangerous road conditions, potholes, illegally parked cars, or if you’ve been doored, Mr. Duquette knows exactly how to present your case. We also assist bicyclists or E-bicyclists who have been injured by being hit from behind, unsafe turns (left hook and right hook), defective products, right of way violations, city bus victims, and truck crash victims.

We have taken on cases involving unique problems like bicycle or E-bicycle wrongful death, hit and run, bicycle harassment, uninsured and underinsured motorist cases, civil rights violations, illegal arrest and seizure of bicycles, and cases involving E-Bicycles.

Mr. Duquette serves a wide variety of bicyclists. Whether you prefer road cycling, mountain biking, track riding, Randonneuring, E-Bicycles, Handcycles, Century Rides, Triathlons, Duathlons, or Criterium, Mr. Duquette knows how to best serve your legal needs regardless of the type of bicyclist you are.

Mr. Duquette is an expert at maximizing, proving, and recovering damages. So no matter what type of injury you’ve suffered, trust us to prove your pain and suffering, loss of earnings, lost business opportunity, loss of earning capacity, lost enjoyment of life (particularly an athletic lifestyle), wrongful death damages, brain injury damages, loss of military benefits and promotion opportunities, and property damages. On top of this, we will minimize your medical bills and liens, and maximize your net recovery. We never make more than the client on a case.

Richard Duquette Represents E-Bike Crash Victims.

He knows and understands the different Categories of E-Bicycles as applied to the rules of the road for this form of transportation. Specifically, riding on Class one through four bike ways.


In fact, Mr. Duquette owns an E-bike and regularly rides one with his wife. So, he understands the dynamics of safe riding and handling.


  • There are laws related to E-bikes. See California Vehicle Code section 312.5 which defines an E-bike.


  • E-bicyclists do not have to carry insurance or a driver’s license, registration or a license plate, but it’s a good idea to buy an insurance policy covering you while on an E-bike for many important reasons that Mr. Duquette can explain.


  • There are limits to where an E-bike can ride. See California Vehicle Code Section 21207.5.


  • Importantly, an E-bike is not a motor vehicle. See California Vehicle Code Section 24016(a). This affects insurance coverage.


  • Helmets are required if the E-Bicyclist is under 18. California Vehicle code section 21212.


  • A Class three rider and passenger must wear a helmet. California Vehicle Code section 21213. Helmets or the lack there of can affect the recovery for a Brain Injury victim. Mr. Duquette has successfully represented many Brain injured Bicyclists.

Bicycle and E-bike Crash lawyer in San Diego

Seek Value, not Discounts

Don’t be taken in by the false promises and low bids of less-effective attorneys.

Discounted fees and guarantees should be a red flag. With discount rates, you’re likely to get what you pay for, and many guarantees are either false or illegal. But it’s the only way untrained and inexperienced attorneys can compete. You’ll feel like the most important person in the world until you sign on the dotted line, but after intake, communication will dry up in a hurry.

You want an attorney who will give you the time and the access to truly get to know your case. And this costs more than minimal service. Our rates aren’t exorbitant. They’re fair, and you get what you pay for: the full service of a local Oceanside Attorney with litigation experience to deliver results. We don’t make guarantees. We simply provide honest assessments and work extremely hard to bring you results.

Notable Victories for our Firm

When we started representing victims of bicycle crash in San Diego, Oceanside, and other adjacent counties, we knew that we wanted to make a positive difference in peoples' lives. We have never lost sight of this goal, and we continue to provide top-notch legal services to those in need at competitive prices. Through our dedication, hard work, and persistence, we have been able to win major cases for our clients, rewarding them with beneficial recoveries.

Some recent cases we have handled and won include:
  • Palm Desert bicyclist fatality
    On January 5, 2015, in the city of Palm Desert, Mrs. Rose Peters of Durango, Colorado, was tragically killed while riding her hand cycle as a result of the negligent driving of Mrs. Judy Mae Purcell. The survivors were represented by Richard L. Duquette, Esq. and his co-counsel, Browne Greene, Esq. of the prestigious Santa Monica lawyer from Greene, Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. He was invaluable in the negotiation of the resolution.
  • Fiesta Island bicyclist accident
    In August 2014, a reckless driver hit a group of about 20 bicyclists after driving the wrong way on a highway. After a thorough investigation and a courtroom battle, we are proud to say that we have won the necessary compensation for one of the victims.
  • Camp Pendleton bicycle crash
    Two people were severely injured and another one fatally after a bus crashed into them as they rode their bicycles. Not only did we secure a financial settlement for the victim we represented, but we also managed to get the North County Transit District (NCTD) to work closely in concert with the bus company to improve their own bicycle safety programs and protocols – an arrangement overseen by the San Diego Bicycle Coalition.
  • $20Million settlement for paralyzed bicyclist
    Panish Shea & Boyle LLP attorneys Tom Schultz and Deborah Chang and Richard L. Duquette of the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette obtained a $20,000,000 settlement for a San Diego County bicyclist and his wife after the man suffered quadriplegia as a result of riding his bicycle into an unmarked, unattended, and undetected open construction trench in the City of San Diego. The incident occurred despite the fact that both the State of California and the City of San Diego had previously promulgated plans to increase biking and promote biking safety. You can read the full official press release here:

Causes of Bicycle and E-Bike Crashes in San Diego

If you have recently been on the 5, the 163, or any other freeway that intersects the city of San Diego, you have undoubtedly noticed the increased number of bicyclists using the highways to commute. Many drivers do not know how to share the road with bicycles, however, and their erratic and negligent driving behaviors – such as texting and driving – put people on bicycles in serious jeopardy.

Even with proper safety equipment, you could suffer serious personal injury, such as:


If your loved one suffered a wrongful death due to a bicycle crash caused by someone else's wrongdoing, we can help you through this difficult time. We understand that you not only need comprehensive support, but you also need an attorney who can act with compassion and delicateness.

No Substitute for Trial Skills

Trial practice is sadly becoming a lost art in the legal profession. Many lawyers go their entire career without trying a case, and their clients suffer for it. When the stakes are high, you need a lawyer who knows the courtroom and isn’t afraid to take your case before a jury. With credentials from the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College and the Western Institute of Trial Advocacy, Richard Duquette is one of the few real trial lawyers left. Mr. Duquette has made a career doing jury trials. Insurance companies and prosecutors know this, and this means his clients have bargaining leverage even when they don’t go to trial.

Work as a Team with Your Attorney

My firm is also team-oriented and is always giving back to the community. When you retain my firm, your lawyer will work with you as a team to obtain the best possible results for you. My firm is staffed with efficient and friendly administrative assistants who will provide consistent and helpful communication throughout your case. These assistants will also assist you during the litigation process. With the support of an attentive lawyer and amiable support staff, you will never be lost or confused about what is being done for your case. You will remain in constant communication with my firm and will always be able to contact someone with questions and concerns.

The Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette proudly represents clients in bicycle injury and criminal defense cases. If you have been seriously injured in a car crash or premises liability accident, I can help. I am also highly qualified to handle your bicycle crash case, as I am an enthusiastic cyclist myself and have obtained the Traffic Skills 101 Certificate from the League of American Bicyclists. If you are facing criminal charges for driving under the influence (DUI), theft crimes, or any other offense, I am also skilled in providing aggressive defense in court.

Your Case is Time-Sensitive –
Call (760) 390-5234 Today!

Aside from preexisting legal statutes of limitations – California State is set at just two years for personal injury cases – there are other potential time restrictions on your bicycle crash case.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will become to gather evidence on your behalf. You will also be giving the responsible party more time to come up with a way to defend themselves in court, should it come to that. In order to stand the best chance at recovering a fair settlement, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Lady Justice

Dedicated to the Individual Needs of Each Client

At the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette, I take the time to connect with every single one of my clients. You’ll find plenty of lawyers who will take your money and do the bare minimum. But if you are looking for a dedicated advocate, look no further.


Involved in the Cycling Community throughout San Diego

At the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette, our San Diego bicycle accident attorney, Mr. Duquette, has been active in the bicycling community, including being a volunteer and sponsor of bicycle and triathlon clubs, races, and events. It is for this reason and more than we are so enthusiastic about the importance of bicycle safety awareness, and the need for strong litigators who can be there to protect the rights of injured bicyclists. You can rest assured in knowing that we will take your case personally, as if we are defending a close friend or family member.

You should also choose our team for legal advocacy because Mr. Duquette has:

  • The Traffic Skills 101 Certificate from the League of American Bicyclists

  • Extensive legal and trial experience (since 1983)

  • Graduated from the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer's College.

  • AV® Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®

  • 10/10 "Superb" Avvo rating

Richard L. Duquette

Richard Duquette and His Trial Teams Have Recovered Over
50 Million for Bicycle Injury Clients.

If you or a family member have been injured by another's carelessness, my firm is here for you. With extensive legal experience and a commitment to the best interests of my clients since 1983, you can have confidence when you retain my legal team. Don't delay in securing the competent legal services you need.

Anyone in need of excellent legal counsel can take advantage of a free consultation with me to learn more about what my firm can do to handle their case. The sooner you get my firm involved in your case, the better your chances of achieving the favorable outcome that you need.

“Got into a bicycle vs car mishap resulting in a few nights in the ICU thus hospital bills were mounting in the low 6 figures. Shopped around for legal guidance which led me to attorney and fellow cyclist Richard Duquette who came highly recommended in the San Diego cycling community. The cohesive team worked hard on my behalf and Duquette's generational experience helped navigate and apply pressure to the appropriate parties when necessary. Was able to get the maximum recovery so I could recover without the added stress of paying hospital bills over the next decade. Would highly recommend.”

- Byron

Awards & Recognition

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