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Road Rage Doctor Case Takes Turn For Bizarre

In the latest news from the courtroom, the Road Rage Doctor’s case has taken a turn for the bizarre. During his testimony he contradicts his own 911 call, touts his history as a “life saving” doctor, and discussed his habit of video-taping cyclists who broke the law while he drove alongside them.

According to his attorney one of the bicyclists just fell over on his own, the good Doctor didn’t slam on his breaks, and this is all just a big misunderstanding. Really!

Click on over to the Biking In LA blog to see what I mean…and read it all, it gets pretty ridiculous!

I know that I seem biased in my coverage of this case, and it is because I am. As a bicyclist this guy is my worst nightmare. He’s cocky, dismissive, and dangerous. Not to mention potentially dishonest. We’ve all ridden less then defensively, and some of us might have even gotten a little cocky on our bikes. But this story, and the unfolding trial, should serve as constant reminders to us all: RIDE SAFE.

(And stay tuned for continued updates on the Road Rage Doctor’s trial) right here on the blog.


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