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  • Richard L. Duquette

Responsible Riding A Must For Ending The Driver/Bicyclist Wars

In Jupiter Island, after threats of restricted road access, bicyclists and municipal leaders have come to an agreement. Bicyclists will limit the speed at which they travel, and the size of the pack in which they ride in exchange for continued access to the prime, lush territory of Jupiter Island’s roads.

Typical bicycling behavior looked troubling and unsafe for all in Jupiter Island before the talks: bicyclists regularly rode four and five abreast, refused to pull over for ambulances, and exceeded the area’s 33 MPH speed limit. In fact, frustration drove an unknown individual or group to litter the area’s bike lane with tacks in an attempt to sabotage riders. While it is easy to point fingers at “dangerous drivers” or “risky riders” both sides need to prioritize the safety of all. And, as a bicyclist that means you must ride defensively and responsibly.

Both sides of the debate are hoping that the compromise will leave drivers and bicyclists safer and happier.

You can follow the saga in-depth here, here, and here, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post’s website.


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