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Fatal Alpine Hit-And-Run Suspect Apprehended At Victim’s Candlelight Vigil

Edward Costa, a 33 year old construction worker living in Alpine with his wife and two sons, was fatally hit while riding in a bike lane. A speeding white pick-up truck struck Costa from behind, though he was clearly in the bike lane. Costa was hurtled about 50 feet before the truck ran over both him and his bike and sped away.

He died at the hospital.

When friends and family of Costa were gathered at the spot of the accident for a candlelight vigil Travis Weber, a suspect in the case, parked his dented white pick-up truck and headed into a nearby bar. Some people in the group, knowing the details of the incident, called the county Sheriff's Department.

Weber, who has a history of drunk driving, and who had been drinking the day of the accident, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving to the bar, and on suspicion of felony manslaughter and hit-and-run from the fatal collision with Costa.

To read the full articles on the case, please visit these San Diego Union Tribune links:

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