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Brentwood Doctor “Teaches Cyclists A Lesson” With Near-Fatal Road Rage

By now, you have probably all heard of Christopher Tomas Thompson, the 59 year old Brentwood Doctor who allegedly slammed his breaks on in front of two cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road in an attempt to “teach them a lesson.” The impact of this “lesson” flung one cyclist through the rear window of Thompson’s car, and hurled the other cyclist to the pavement.

The two cyclists involved, Peterson, 40, and Stoehr, 29, each endured multiple injuries, including broken teeth and nose, cuts to the face and neck, and a separated shoulder later requiring surgery and metal implants.

This alarming incident of road rage was allegedly provoked by the constant present of cyclists–and obscenities yelled by Stoehr after Thompson told him to “ride single file.”

Thompson faces one felony count of reckless driving causing injury, two felony counts of battery with serious injury, and (from a different incident with a cyclist on the same road in March), one count of misdemeanor reckless driving causing injury.

Thompson’s arraignment is scheduled for January 15, 2009; you can catch up on his story with the links below.

Full Story

Copy of Complaint Filed Against Thompson

Remember to visit the blog for up-to-date information about the trial–and stay safe out there while sharing the road.


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