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Bicyclist Killed In (Totally Preventable) Trolley Crash

This Tuesday a bicyclist was killed in a crash with a San Diego trolley car on Imperial Ave. in the Mountain View area.

Police report that the collision took place at about 5:20 PM when the male bicyclist ignored the railroad crossing arms and rode around them, straight into an incoming Eastbound trolley. You can see the San Diego Times article here.

What in the world was this man thinking?! His mistake in judgement resulted in a tragedy that not only prematurely ended his life, but one that has changed the lives of his friends and family and the passengers on that Eastbound trolley.

While all of us can identify with the frustration of waiting for the railroad crossing arms to ascend, we all know they are there to keep us safe from the crossing trains and trolleys!

As bicyclists it is easy to think we’re above the rules. After all, bicycles are so much more agile than cars, and we’ve honed our powers of perception from constant vigilance and defensive riding. But, the security you feel in your saddle is sometimes false. As this incidence illustrates, nobody is above the rules.

So go ahead, go for a Thanksgiving ride, but please: if you hear the ding-ding-dinging of railroad arms descending, STOP YOUR BIKE, take a deep breath, and count your many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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