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Armstrong Falls Off Bike (Again!)

Lance Armstrong, in what could be called a stroke of supreme bad luck, fell off his bike for the third time this Saturday during the Giro d’italia. Unlike his collarbone-smashing crash in Spain, though, he didn’t seriously injure himself.

The most recent crash occurred as the main pack of riders traversed a hairpin turn on the Amalfi coast. Armstrong landed on his left side (avoiding his recently mended right side) and broke a few spokes in bike.

After a speedy repair he hopped back on his bike, rejoined the group, and finished 16th for the day and 12th overall, with a total time of 4 hours, 33 minutes and 23 seconds.

For more details on the other finishers–and an update on the fate of his underfunded Team Astana–visit the’s article here.


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