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shePedals: The Journal of Women in Cycling

There is a new women’s bicycling magazine on the scene: shePedals: the Journal of Women in Cycling. The debut issue is packed with editorials, reviews, interviews, and more. And guess what? The readers like it. (“…a really wonderful women’s cycling journal”, “It’s great!!!”, “Love it!)

A website for the magazine is in the works, and ShePedals has also formed a USA Cycling club for racers and non-racers alike. The club will support a variety of women-centered non profits as well as holding educational events around the country.

What’s not to love?

shePedals isn’t just a magazine, it is a force with which to be reckoned. Christmas is coming up, maybe you or the lady bicyclist in your life might just appreciate a subscription. Find out more in this press release here.


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