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  • Richard L. Duquette

Picking a Great Lawyer

Picking a great lawyer is like selecting a grapefruit at the market. Your senses tell you when to buy. Everyone’s senses depend on their needs. Here are a few criteria I’d use if picking a lawyer.

Do I Trust Him?

  • Talk is cheap, so go visit his office. How are your treated? Does he focus on you, instead of phone calls or other interruptions?

Does He Care?

  • Will he visit me at home, to discover the real me . . . helping to tell my story. Will he go to the crash scene?

Does He Have Courage To Try The Case?

  • Some lawyers will cave in before a trial, while others welcome a jury trial. The insurance company knows who’s a charlatan and a true believer. The value of your case rides on this difference. Jury verdict results can be researched.

Get It In Writing.

  • Ask for a copy of the retainer in writing and time to review it. Contingency fees are negotiable, but increase with the case difficulty. Attorney fees range from 25% to 45%. Get recent jury verdict results, guarantees or promises in writing. This will flush out “puffing”.

Does He Ride Or Race Bicycles?

  • The bicyclists’ perspective is key. I know how to communicate that you were a safe rider or you were unable to avoid the crash due to my extensive cycling and cycle litigation experience. Few lawyers understand your perspective.

How Long Has Your Lawyer Solely Represented People?

  • Some lawyers switch from the insurance defense side because they feel they can make more money. A lawyer who is always represented people, instead of corporations, may be more committed to you.

A Few Other Questions You Should Consider Are:

1. Has he recently sought out specialized training in trial lawyering?

2. Does he have an Elmo and projector to present your case in court?

3. Is your lawyers’ perspective reasonable or is he preying on your fears?

4. Does he have malpractice insurance?

5. Has his licensed ever been restricted or revoked?

6. Has he ever been sued?

Once you’ve selected a fine lawyer, work as a team to seek maximum justice. Don’t be discouraged by insurance propaganda – stay focused.


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