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Understanding Insurance Companies Insurance Claims Procedure

Insurance companies’ claims adjusters are professional negotiators, that use psychological techniques to settle for the lowest possible dollar, including discouraging people from using the professional services of a lawyer.

Never give an oral statement to the insurance company.

Claims adjusters know that if they can keep a claimant negotiating with the adjuster then there is a high probability of a successful settlement in favor of the insurance company. Lawyers usually can obtain greater settlements than a lay person due to their knowledge of the case, process and law.

Set a realistic goal before you begin negotiating. Make sure that you know the full extent of your injuries and damages.

Listen to the adjuster and call him back. Don’t be pressured, it’s your case.

Always negotiate in turn. If you make a “demand’ [an offer to settle by a claimant], thenwait until the carrier makes a counter “offer.”

Last, document everything in a file. Always keep copies of letters you’ve mailed. Never ever sign a release of medical or employment information.


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