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Nytro Women's Racing Team

“Girls race, Women empower” Christy Fritts – Nytro Team

The Nytro Women’s Racing Team is the gold standard in triathlon, consisting of accomplished professional women, triathletes, and respected ambassadors for their sponsors.

The team captain, Julie Dunkle, is a multi Hawaiian Ironman World Championship finisher. Julie summed up her team ethos best by saying:

"Collectively, it’s not about finding the women who race fast. It’s about finding women who have what I call the whole package.”

This is smart because sponsors value quality ambassadors (i.e. those willing to genuinely represent well). This includes consistently wearing the sponsor logoed kits while training and racing, regularly posting their activities in social media and leading by example. It’s important to have the right fit if you’re going to be serious about the reputation of your team and your sponsors.Each year, Julie receives over fifty applications for the Nytro Women’s Racing team, but in putting the team together they look for more than just podium finishers. They consider how the applicant can contribute to and represent the sport, as well as their sponsors. As Julie states, “We only represent brands that represent our moral values.”

Julie also coaches twenty athletes, which lets her see the sport through their eyes. She values community and the feeling of finding a “Tribe” in the sport. A testament to her strong bike skills, her email is appropriately titled “idropboys.”

Leslie Myers, team Co-Captain, coordinates the team’s social media efforts and supports the team. Every established sponsored team knows how important it is to have a media specialist, and Leslie fills this role for Nytro. When not racing, Leslie works as a professionally trained chef, and owner of “Food Sense Now.”

Julie and Leslie are best friends, but still compete hard against each other when they race head-to-head. The team is versatile, participating in races varying from triathlons to Xterra off road events!

Nytro Women’s Racing TeamBelow is a list of the 2018 Nytro Women’s Racing team members and their occupations:

Alexis Barnes – Communications Director UC Medical

Alex Dreu – Consultant Optical Industry

Christy Fritts – Tri California

Leslie Myers- Food sense now

Julie Dunkle- Triathlon Coach D3 Multisport and Meeting Planner HPN Global

Liz Granquist- HS Teacher Ramona

Polly Gill – Teacher

Monica Stratton - Golf Pro Carlsbad Golf Center

Trina Psenicnik -Acupuncturist Rehab United

Carol Gasaway- Xbox

One of the Nytro athletes that stands out is Christy Fritts, as her talented guidance helped bring back the famous grassroots “Wildflower” triathlon, also known as the Woodstock of Triathlon. Christy worked for Motiv Sports to effectively organize and promote the race

Alex Dreu and Leslie Myers have also helped blind athletes compete by running with them as guides during races.

Skip McDowell, Nytro Multisport shop ownerAs for sponsors, Skip McDowell, Nytro Multisport shop owner, is a long-term sponsor of the women’s team. Skip and his crew competently support the team and community with their products and services. Nytro and its staff have assisted World Champions for years. They are located in Encinitas, CA.Betty Designs, owned by Kristin Mayer, provides the stylish team kits. Having worked with Ms. Mayer, I can attest that you can rely on her not only for stylish design and high-performance gear, but also prompt delivery of the team clothes in time for race season. Kristin is also an accomplished bicyclist in her own right, having recently completed the grueling Belgian Waffle Ride, a 133 mile on and off-road race with 13,000 feet of climbing.

Some of the other prestigious Nytro Women’s Racing team sponsors include:

Gatorade Endurance


HUUB Wetsuits

Surface Products Sunscreen

San Diego Athlete Massage

Foodsense Now

Betty Designs

Nytro Multisport

Richard Duquette

Richard L. Duquette, sponsor of the Nytro Women’s Racing Team

To learn more about this exciting group of athletes, listen to the embedded Podcast to hear Julie and Leslie’s engaging interview. Gain insight into this special team and what makes them successful. They also offer helpful tips for competing in your first triathlon and how they delicately balance their family life too!

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