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  • Richard L. Duquette

For Immediate Release: Duquette gets Justice for Local Bicyclist

OCEANSIDE, CA. MAY 31, 2018 – Bicycle injury lawyer Richard Duquette obtained a favorable settlement for local bicycling legend Douglas Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman was injured after he was struck from behind by a negligent driver on February 8, 2018 while riding on Camino del Sur near Torrey Meadows Drive in San Diego.

Mr. Duquette advocated with the defendant’s insurance company and overcame initial lowball offers to recover the maximum settlement amount. Mr. Hoffman is a member of the San Diego Mountain Bike Association, of which Mr. Duquette is a long-time friend and sponsor.

Mr. Duquette was honored to assist a client with such an inspirational commitment to the sport. At the beginning of 2017, Mr. Hoffman made a commitment to ride 10+ miles each and every day for the entire calendar year. At the end of 2017, he had ridden an average of 20 miles each day for a total of 7,654.3 miles. Instead of stopping there, he committed to 400 days and 8,000 miles, a goal that he completed on February 5, 2018. Unwilling to stop there, he upped his commitment to 500 days and 10,000 miles.

Tragically, Mr. Hoffman was injured on day 403 of his riding streak. Like any serious bicyclist who is injured, he sought out the best available bicycle attorney. He hired Mr. Duquette knowing his reputation as a trial lawyer and an avid bicyclist.

On May 29, 2018, Mr. Hoffman issued a public statement to SDMBA, reproduced below:

“In 2017 I committed to riding each and every day of the year. At the end of the year I had averaged 20 miles a day, some off road and some on road. You can check me out on Strava at At the end of the year I decided to channel my inner Amanda Coker, and continue my streak of consecutive days to at least 423 (if you don't know her story, check her out - in 423 days she road an incredible 100,00 miles averaging 336 miles each day).

“Unfortunately on my day 403 I was struck from behind without warning by a distracted motorist, bringing my streak to an unhappy and bloody ending. The car that hit me broke my carbon fiber Giant TCR road bike into about dozen pieces. In retrospect I was lucky to be alive. I had severe lacerations to both legs and other injuries that required 20+ stitches in urgent care. It would be almost four months before I was able to resume training.

“I hope something like this never happens to you, but if it does here is my advice. You will be up against an insurance company that wants to find a way to pay you as little of possible to settle your claim, and will delay and contest your claim in the hope they can accomplish that goal.

“To get just compensation for your bike, your injuries and more - you need a lawyer.

“Luckily one of SDMBA's sponsors is Richard Duquette of I had heard about Richard when he stepped in to help broker a solution when many riders had their bikes confiscated by the Marines in Sycamore Canyon. I ride Sycamore to Marthas grove often and almost rode there that day. I could have lost my bike too. During the following Archipelago ride I happened to ride along Richard near the dam at Hodges and we had a quick chat as we trudged up the hills.

“So it was no accident that I called Richard to represent me. From day one Richard was empathetic, professional and helped guide me through a difficult period. He was constantly in personal touch with me via phones calls and emails. In the end Richard obtained the maximum settlement possible for me. If you have the misfortune to be involved in an accident, I highly suggest calling Richard ASAP. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

The Law Firm of Richard Duquette is proud to serve the bicycling community and Mr. Duquette receives personal satisfaction from helping get justice for bicyclists like Doug.


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