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El Camino Bike Shop

Proudly serving Encinitas and North County is the El Camino Bike Shop. Fittingly, they are located near Encinitas Boulevard and El Camino Real. They can be found at The experienced owners, Will Schellenger and Jerry Marazoni have combined bicycle industry expertise totaling over 43 years. Will has a mechanical engineer's critical eye and the ability to solve mechanical issues with ease.

They employ Mike, a full time mechanic, as well as seven other employees. Dave Calendar, a veteran cyclist competently handles their marketing. Further, their staff has multiple Spanish speakers, to service the local Hispanic community in Encinitas. Impressively, they cater to women cyclists, who are "treated with respect" when entering the store.

Their store offers a wide variety of Diamond Back bicycles from Gary Fisher, Trek, CX, BMX, HARO, Mt. Bikes, Cool Beach Cruisers, and Electras, on top of their wide range of cycling accessories.

What I like is that they reach out into the community and sponsor "Bicycle Rodeos", which teach kids safe riding practices. They also sponsor the Moonlight Velo Bicycle Club, a local group of experienced bicyclists. Plus, they are active in maintaining mountain bike trails and work with officials to keep them open to the public. Reaching out to the community set El Camino apart!

Give El Camino Bike Shop a call at (760) 436-2340. You'll be glad you did!

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