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Carlsbad Triathlon Clinic Recap

Thank you to the City of Carlsbad and to all who attended the Carlsbad Triathlon Clinic with myself, John Howard, and Stu Clot on Saturday! Here’s a quick recap and some photos from the clinic.

Attendees reviewed the bike course for the race, and obtained information on course training & safety. The clinic was presented by Carlsbad Triathlon Sponsor and bicycle injury trial attorney/2x Ironman finisher, Richard Duquette, along with John Howard, World Hawaiian Ironman champion and Pan American Gold medalist, Stu Clot, experienced Bicycle Mechanic & triathlete. Clinic reviewed the race course, were given race & training advice, and had a mechanic available to tune up/check/repair bikes.

Registration is open for the 2012 Carlsbad Triathlon! This is one of the most scenic races in the world, with a beautiful Pacific Ocean swim, a rolling bike course, and a smooth run to the finish. Last year the race sold out, so be sure to Register NOW!

Community Wellness & Triathlon Expo

Sunday, July 8, 8 a.m.

Tamarack State Beach

The Carlsbad Triathlon ranks in the world’s top five longest running triathlons. The course begins at Tamarack Surf Beach, and follows the coastline of Carlsbad, past scenic beaches, lagoons and a wildlife preserve. The triathlon boasts a calm ocean swim, a rolling bike course and a smooth run for the finish.

This race is for everybody: from first-timers to the elites, and their friends and family! The race begins with an open-water ocean swim, which is well-marked with buoys. The swim is followed by a bike course, and the race finishes with a run along the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline. The roads are wide and completely closed to traffic-very safe! The course is mostly flat with a couple of rolling areas.

The number of entries is capped at 1,000, so be sure to sign up early to secure a spot in this fabulously fun, extremely safe and legendary sporting event! Please note that:

There will be no registration on race day.

There are no refunds and no transfers of entries.

For questions, please email or call 760-602-7519.


Good luck to all of the triathletes!

Richard L. Duquette is an avid cyclist, 2x Ironman finisher, and experienced Personal Injury Attorney focusing on Bike, Motorcycle, Car Accidents, Hit and Run, Brain and Spine Injuries, PTSD, Property damage, wrongful death. Located in Oceanside serving Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido and all San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

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