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Carlsbad Triathlon and Bicycle - Race Clinic

There are two great events planned to add some fun to your summer!

In Anticipation of the 33rd Annual CARLSBAD TRIATHLON we are conducting a FREE Bicycle/Race clinic on June 28-2014 from 8-10 am at the Tamarack Beach Parking lot. Here are the details:

Carlsbad Triathlon Race Clinic

The following speakers will be:

John Howard three-time Olympian, Red Zinger Classic and Pan American Games gold medalist. (Wikipedia him for more.) (760) 753-5894.

He will discuss aerodynamics in bicycle racing, proper fit and coaching secrets. His latest student is Denise Mueller who has recently won seven straight bicycle races in a row and is a Cat 2.

We will be raffling off a vintage "Celestial Seasoning Tea" women's Race Team Skin Suit. Fittingly, Denise will present the winner of the raffle. This classic skin suite has colorful graphics and also sports lightning bolts over the shoulders, like a Charges Football uniform.

As many of you know, famous women bicyclists Connie Carpenter, Rebecca Twigg, Jeanie Long and Inga Thompson won the Red Zinger & Coors Classic road races, which were originated by Celestial Seasonings Tea Company founder Mo Siegel.

Mark, an Endurance House Oceanside mechanic, will discuss Bicycle maintenance and check your bike for safety. i.e. tires, tire pressure, wheels, lubrication & adjustments.

Endurance House Oceanside is a Triathlon Club of San Diego (TCSD) sponsor and is establishing itself as a leader in the Triathlon industry here in North County. (760) 978-6422

Jodi Hays with HERevolution will show you how to "Go fast and look good doing it". Jodi will display effective & stylish women's clothes & equipment.

HERevolution is a dedicated women's & juniors triathlon store located in Solana Beach. They are also a TCSD sponsor. (760) 560-7077

Richard Duquette (Triathlete and Bicycle Injury Attorney) will describe the race course, including the swim, run and bicycle sections. He will offer tips on bicycle safety and fast transitions. Richard is a two time Ironman finisher (Hawaii & New Zealand) as well as a long time TCSD sponsor. (760) 730-0500

TRAINING TIP: Every Sunday you're welcome to join the "Carlsbad Costal Runners" a San Diego North County Running Meet up. It's free and they run the Carlsbad Triathlon course. You can go any distance and pace you want and there's even free coffee for all new attendees. They leave from Magee Park (Carlsbad) off PCH at 7:33 am. Details here

The 33rd Annual Carlsbad Triathlon is set for Sunday July 13, 2014. There will also be Health and Fitness Expo on Saturday the 12th at the Carlsbad Senior Center (NOTE: It will not be at the Westfield Plaza Camino Real Mall like last year) You'll be able to pick up your race number, timing chip and enjoy checking out all the sponsorship booths. For more information contact the Race director Rachael Shay at 760-602-7519

Public Safety Activism

Below are two ways to take action in order to protect bicyclists. Spread the word!

1. Disseminate this informative 13 minute Bus - Bicycle Safety video created by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, to increase awareness.

2. Hawkeye Road Hazards....

Report Road Hazards to Public Entities! Richard Duquette, Esq. has launched a mobile optimized site with an interactive map of dangers to bicyclists (pot holes, debris, construction more). Create a free account to report locations of road hazards with GPS coordinates. A description and photo of the hazard can also be uploaded and will show on the map for others to see. The site lists city road repair contacts, bicycle shops and more. Join us:


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