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Bicyclists Ticketed For Moving Violations

In Tucson, Arizona it is no longer OK for bicyclists on their morning commute to coast through stop signs and run red lights; traffic cops are out and about looking to enforce the law. The increase in police presence is due largely to complaints from area motorists about bicyclists disobeying the law.

Running a red light or rolling through a stop sign can have tragic consequences whether you’re in a car or on a bicycle–it makes sense that both drivers and riders have to obey the law.

If you look at the comments on the original story here you can see that the issue is quite a polarizing one. I, for one, weigh in on the side of defensive, responsible driving, which includes obeying all traffic laws.

Should bicyclists be ticketed (or warned) for disobeying traffic laws, or should the police concentrate on the drivers? There is a poll linked into the original article….check it out!


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