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USMC & San Diego Mountain Biking Association Negotiate to Open Trails

There's good news for mountain bikers, runners and hikers this week! A breaking story has confirmed that public access to the historic Stowe Trail is in the works with USMC – Miramar officials. According to a news report (see here), San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) Executive Director Susie Murphy and President Kevin Murphy the final terms to open the Stowe Trial to the community will occur in 2018. A permitting system will be used. (This will likely resemble the Camp Pendleton Bike permit system.)

This positive development took strong leadership by SDMBA who continued negotiations with the USMC. Both deserve to be commended for striking a deal that benefits the community as a whole. This includes Mountain bikers, Runners, Equestrians and Hikers. Personally, I like riding off road for safety and would like to continue to expand the recreational use of open space.

As you all know from our Law Firm's successful court battle earlier this year, the USMC – Miramar confiscated mountain bikes, and even cited bikers with misdemeanors who unknowingly traversed the poorly demarked historical Stowe trail connecting Poway and Ramona.

If you want to read more about my Firms earlier legal efforts to get the Mountain Bikes returned and the Misdemeanor charges dismissed see my previous blog post here.

Credit to all involved in making this happen!

Richard L. Duquette, Esq.


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