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Spotlight on Pulse Endurance Sports

Pulse Endurance Sports is a diverse store filling a need in the fast growing South bay region of San Diego County - Chula Vista to be exact. Their mantra is "We know our sports, we live them."

That's right, Liam Their and Mike Drury walk the walk. They race. For example, Liam has completed eight Ironman races and Mike - seventeen - going 9:54 in Kona and 9:17 in Florida.

Liam's raced Europe, including the Norseman Ironman distance race in Norway in 2006; not to mention competing in a 100 mile run.

Both Liam and Mike have a range of degrees in Physics, Computer Science and even a Masters in Sports Administration - on top of on the job experience at other preeminent triathlon stores in San Diego.

Upon entering their store, you noticed it's stocked full of quality products, presented in appealing displays. You feel like they are invested in their business, despite being a relatively new store.

Here's their diversified bicycle lineup: Colnago, Pinarello, Orbea, Kuota, Felt, Seven, Specialized and Turner Mt. Bikes. Get this; they even carry Cyclocross and Mt. Bikes to meet the growing popularity in San Diego. This is backed up by a great service department as well.

They place a heavy emphasis on the fact they consider themselves a "Run Specialty Store", and take pride in fitting you. They carry Asics, Mizuno, Saucony and Brooks, but not Nike.

They are the designated TCSD Ironman coaches, and reach out to the athletes by: monitoring race results, publishing coaching plans, speak before the Tri-club meetings, and are available by e-mail too!

Pulse even has formed a store training group, including a Saturday morning Run/Ride. Check out the schedule online.

They also sponsor local races.


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