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Spotlight on Moment Cycle Sport

Here in San Diego we are fortunate to have several exceptional bike/tri shops. Moment Cycle Sport (1357 Rosecrans) opened in 2007 and in the past year has quickly developed quite a reputation as the place to go if you want personalized service from skilled professionals. “JT” at work

The shop was started by longtime TCSD member JT Lyons-a mechanical engineer, thus the name Moment, which means “torque” in engineering terminology. Lyons previously worked on carbon fiber race cars and in the aerospace industry. TCSD member and race director Cory Osth joined JT shortly thereafter. If you haven’t been to the store yet, here are a few reasons to visit.

Moment carries Parlee, Felt, Guru, Jamis, and Giant triathlon, road, and cruiser bikes. They also rent road and tri bikes. The store is located one-block off the San Diego International triathlon course in Point Loma and offers Tuesday and Thursday morning rides that utilize the “International” course. The group rides respect riding safety and etiquette.

Moment has a friendly feel to it. The work area is complete with sophisticated tools and mechanics. Moment even uses “green” ecologically friendly detergents when cleaning bicycle parts.

When you visit Moment, you can enjoy a cup of Osth’s very own personally roasted organic espresso (O’Beans), read the most current Triathlete or Bicycling magazine, or search the web for upcoming races.

One thing that cannot be missed in this shop is the giant T.V. on the wall. Rumor has it, it’s one of the biggest in the city. Lyons and Osth frequently show races like the Hawaiian Ironman and Tour de France and provide food and drinks for the patrons.

As evidenced by the recent flurry of emails on the TCSD list serve, Moment Cycle Sport will bicycle fit you. Lyons uses his engineering skills together with his F.I.S.T. and Serotta certified fitting knowledge to provide customers with a unique fitting experience. He also uses a Velotron, (a sophisticated computer enhanced stationary bicycle) which is similar to a computrainer, and designed specifically for bicycle fitting.

Lyons has a reputation for spending unlimited time fitting riders, and his perfectionist attitude assures that you feel comfortable and satisfied. When your preferred position is determined, he compares it to computer graphics and available bike geometry, so you can see what models/sizes fit best. They fit everyone that purchases a bike the same way… no additional charge.

Moment also has an impressive website – that includes pretty much anything you could think of that relates to bikes or biking. If you have not been to this shop yet, I encourage you to go, have an espresso, talk some triathlon, and meet the wonderful people running the shop.


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