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“Road Rage Doctor” facing more than Prison……

Dear Fellow Athletes:

In my experience, the jury’s verdict & courts sentence of 5 years and more will help protect society for years to come. Ironically, Dr Thompson may be forced to ride a bicycle to get around. Here’s why and a few legal articles I wrote that will help you out if you fall victim of road rage:

Besides the five years for road rage (minus legal good time credits), the doctor will forever lose his California drivers license after he gets out of jail. The DMV will computerize the action, so even if the Doctor moves out of state, the reciprocity will track him. Pursuant to the Vehicle Code, since he used his vehicle to assault another and was convicted, the DMV will forever revoke his license. Should he get caught driving while on parole, he may be sent back to Prison. He can also be independently punished for any new violations of driving on a revoked License, after he’s off parole. Moreover, the DMV may independently review his driving license privilege and take it for causing the injury. See my article on DMV Justice here.

You all know that he will likely face a civil judgment or settlement if his car Insurance company doesn’t squirm out of their indemnification obligations due to a coverage issue, as this could to be argued to be a non covered intentional act by Thompson. But, not so fast, as the real teeth to collecting money for the victims can be had in the criminal restitution order that was likely part of the courts sentencing judgment. In other words, he will be required by the criminal court to pay the victim, or face the further consequences of incarceration, unlike a civil case judgment. Moreover, he can’t Bankrupt the debt either due the nature of the convictions. See my article on Bicyclists Rights in Court here.

Thompson’s stuck, because even if he keeps his medical license (since this didn’t happen while on the job as a physician) he used poor judgment. It’s been reported that his medical license was already suspended last month, a permanent revocation is likely. That will ultimately be decided by the State’s medical licensing board.

I have successfully settled or tried many road rage/bicycle injury cases for bicyclists in front of a jury and currently have a Road Rage case that I’m prosecuting. I have even collected restitution in the criminal court on behalf of victims of crime, and in one case we made the road rager look the bicyclist in the eye in court and apologize before we settled. I’ve also had people taken off the road due to a DMV action my client has initiated. See here.

So, please call if I can ever help you or a loved one who have victimized by a road rager. Read one of my success stories involving road rage here.

Ride Safe, Ride Strong Richard Duquette


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