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Quebec Triathletes Killed By Pickup Truck

On Friday, May 14, 2010, 6 bicyclists were struck from behind by a pickup truck at 10 AM. Three of the cyclists on Highway 112 east of Montreal were fatally injured, and the other three were hospitalized. The accident scene was littered with bike frames, wrist-watches, shoes, and water bottles, and one of the survivors called the accident a particularly gruesome “bowling match.”

Unlike the majority of bicyclist-vehicle fatalities, alcohol was NOT a factor in the accident. The driver, a volunteer firefighter in his 20s, gave first aid to the bicyclists after the accident. And weather wasn’t a factor either–so police are investigating mechanical problems, speed, and distraction as possible causes for this tragedy. As of today nobody knows if the driver will face criminal charges.

The surviving bicyclists are speaking out against the lack of a paved shoulder–some think this simple road improvement would have been able to save the lives of the three bicyclists on a very dangerous road.

Join me in paying your respect to the fallen bicyclists:

Sandra del la Garza, 36 Lyn Duhamel, 39 Christine Deschamps, 44

Although these 6 bicyclists trained regularly together and were experienced, they were on a dangerous portion of road that didn’t have a bike lane. If you must ride without a bike lane do everything you can to remain visible and safe!

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