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Mayor Kicks Off Enormous Streets Repaving Project

In an e-mail from Mayor Jerry Sanders the city will be undertaking a huge city wide repaving project. A reprint of his e-mail is below. This is great news for Bicyclist!

City Will Spend Nearly $47 Million to Repave 134 Miles of City Streets

Today I announced the start of what might be the largest street repaving project in this city's history. We will be giving a complete makeover to 134 miles of city streets. More than one thousand city blocks will benefit from this work. With this project, we're doing as many miles of asphalt overlay as we have in the previous eight fiscal years combined.

Some of these streets are in such poor condition they've become downright notorious. A Mira Mesa resident recently suggested that the only vehicle sturdy enough to handle Mira Mesa Boulevard would be a tank. The list goes on and on of other streets in dire need of repaving - Nobel Drive, Morena Boulevard, Carmel Mountain Road.

We announced the project today in Clairemont on Mount Etna Drive, a street that has been a constant source of aggravation for the neighborhood. One resident used the term "teeth-rattling" to describe what it was like to drive this street.

For those who don't remember how we arrived at this moment, here's a quick overview. Shortly after I was elected, I recognized that the city's streets and other infrastructure had deteriorated to unacceptable levels.

Not only was it embarrassing, but public safety was at risk. And putting off the work would simply mean spending far more money in the long run. So I worked with the City Council on $103 million bond so we could fix streets, sidewalks, buildings and our storm-drain infrastructure.


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