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LeMond Subpoenaed In Government Probe Into Armstrong’s Alleged Doping

The New York Daily News reports that Greg LeMond, has been subpoenaed by the government for the FDA case against Armsgrong. FDA criminal investigator Jeff Novitzky, who is famous for uncovering the BALCO doping ring, is investigating allegations of doping in Armsgrong and the 4 teams with which the bicyclist has been associated since 1998 (Astana, National Geographic, RadioShack, and U.S. Postal Service)

This news couldn’t come at a worse time for Armstrong–he’s had terrible luck in the TDF this year, and trades on the currency of his good name for his cancer-fighting charity LIVESTRONG. Armstrong’s lawyer isn’t enjoying the free publicity though, and has sent a letter to the prosecutor complaining about the disastrous leaks to the public.

Whether the allegations are unfounded or legitimate remains to be seen–but it is becoming increasingly clear that the FDA is taking them seriously. Stay tuned for updates in the case.


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