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Hot Weather On Stage 7 Might Make Tomorrow Sticky

First things first: Barredo and Costa have buried the hatchet and put their startling fight behind them.

Secondly, the temperature on this stage of the Tour de France was HOT–over 90 degrees, and Armstrong had been hoping for rain.

If this temperature holds for tomorrow the bicyclists could find themselves stuck to the road and in harm’s way. If you’ll recall the 2002 TDF, Armstrong narrowly avoided a crash by off roading in his racing bike, and he was the lucky one!

Tomorrow is the day that many expect Contador and Astana to mount an attack, but all bets could be off if the temperature holds. Stay tuned–it is still any man’s game out there. Neither Armstrong, Schleck, Contador nor Evans gained or lost time against one another.

Ride on!


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