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  • Richard L. Duquette

For Now, Armstrong “Bulletproof” For Battle With “Court Of Public Opinion”

Although Armstrong himself, bicycling fans, and federal investigators are all taking Landis’ claims about Lance Armstrong’s doping seriously, indications are that Armstrong is essentially unassailably popular in the eyes of the public.

His triumph over cancer, his amazing athletic achievements, and the amount of money he’s given to cancer research are all factors in his durable popularity. Sales of his merchandise are consistient and guesses put Armstrong’s personal income at about $20 million this last year.

All that could change, though, according to a USA Today article, if the doping allegations were found to have merit. Experts predict his fall would be “epic”, “legendary”, and potentially worse than that of Tiger Woods. Armstrong continues to 100% deny any direct or indirect involvement with doping, and it is clear that the public would prefer that to be the case.

For the full run-down of Armstrong’s predicament and the public’s reaction, visit USA Today’s online article here.


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