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Dozens of Bikes Confiscated, Citations Issued for Riding on Military Land

NBC 7 San Diego recently reported on a rash of tickets issued to mountain bikers riding on trails in the Sycamore Canyon Preserve and other federal land in the area. As disturbing as it was to learn that riders were being hit with citations carrying fines of $500, the news also broke that many of the riders were even having their bikes confiscated:

More Than 45 Bikes Confiscated for Riding on Military Land

San Diego bicycle attorney, a leading legal advocate for cyclists in Southern California, has taken a keen interest in the situation and what can be done to protect the rights of riders who have been or may be impacted by the enforcement actions. While the situation is still developing, he shared some advice for improving the likelihood of a favorable outcome in disputes over citations and bike confiscations:

  • Save your helmet videos to prove "notice" issues.

  • Make list of all witnesses

  • Promptly file a simple request to return property

  • Remain silent as to the details of the incident

  • Keep a copy of all correspondence with law enforcement and government agencies, and finally

  • Don't worry: Federal court citations are uncomplicated.

This incident raises many issues, including the need for recreational "open space", and striving to maintain "positive public relations" in society's eyes. Follow our bicycle law page on Facebook, and contact us if you have any questions!


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