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2017 San Diego Mountain Biking Association Archipelago Ride

I'm very excited to be sponsoring the San Diego Mountain Biking Association; they are a great group of people and lots of fun!

Every year they have their Archipelago ride, ARCH Ride for short which raises environmental and fitness awareness. It also raises funds to help maintain trails and to protect and preserve more open space, a cause near and dear to my heart!

So join the SDMBA and join me for this challenging 50 miles ride on scenic trails that shows we can link islands of open space parks without having to drive between them. See all the detail below, hope to see you out there!

Archipelago Ride 2017

April 8 @ 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

SAVE THE DATE and start climbing!

Make sure your membership is current at time of registration! Members only event!

UPDATE: Registration information went out to all current members on Monday, January 30. If you did not receive this email and are a current member, please email and let us know! You will need your membership number to register.

Once your membership is current you will receive an invitation via email to register for the Arch Ride.

Confirm your membership status as you will be required to enter your membership number at registration. If you can't find your membership card or email receipt, log onto or email to check membership status. Make sure the email on file is correct and not set to "do not contact."

Sign Up: Donations will be $95 this year. Includes: ride entry, ride support at start and 3 aid stations, lunch, 1 Green Flash Brewing beer, 1 opportunity drawing ticket, and a special Arch Ride inspired gift.

This event is a membership drive for the San Diego Mountain Biking Association and a fundraising event. This ride gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves by pedaling approximately 50 miles, on scenic trails and shows them we can link islands of open space parks without having to drive between them. This event raises environmental and fitness awareness. It also raises funds to help maintain trails and to protect and preserve more open space. Donations are made from the proceeds to conservation organizations that help preserve and protect land for both wildlife habitat and compatible human powered recreation. SDMBA emphasizes stewardship through direct involvement in our natural open spaces. We volunteer over 2,500 hours/year in our public parks maintaining trails for recreation throughout San Diego County. The Archipelago Ride is not a race but a social ride meant to be enjoyed with friends and fellow trail users. It is also a celebration of partnerships with land management agencies that allow us to link together this epic adventure. We have special permission on this day only to pass through certain sections of private property to complete this specific Archipelago route. The ride starts in La Costa and ends in Sorrento Mesa and entails ~50 miles of prime Southern California riding and 5000 feet of climbing. Aid stations are spaced at approximately mile 12, mile 22 and mile 34. It is a serious endeavor to complete the route and participants must train for it to be physically able to handle this extreme level of physical challenge. The Archipelago Ride started 9 years ago as 12 friends trying to find a legal way to link together our favorite places to ride. It has evolved every year and now includes over 300 riders, 50 volunteers and prizes from over 20 Sponsors. The ride will end at Green Flash Brewery, so even if you don't do the ride, please come and enjoy the celebration at the finish line. Food trucks will be on site and the opportunity drawing is open to everyone. If you would like to volunteer for the event, email

If you are not a member, join today, and make sure your IMBA Chapter is SDMBA. Membership does not guarantee a spot on the ride; we have about 3x number of members than spots available for the ride, but not every SDMBA member will sign up for the ride.

SDMBA is thankful for the partnerships that have evolved with these agencies over the years. This type of event could not be possible without their consent and commitment to preserving open space and accommodating compatible recreational uses. Remember to tread lightly and give back to the land by volunteering and donating when you can. Black Mountain Open Space Park Center for Natural Lands Management City of Carlsbad City of San Diego Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve San Dieguito River Park The Escondido Creek Conservancy The County of San Diego


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