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Updated On Bicyclist Fatality: Tragedy All Around

In an article published by The San Diego Union Tribune, more details on the untimely and devastating death of Suntat Peverley are brought to light.

The driver of the street sweeper involved, 77-year-old Fred Franklin Fuller, was suffering from a tragedy of his the own. Fuller, who had owned his own street sweeping company for 35 years, had given the business up to his son. But both his son and his wife died less than a month ago, causing Fuller to resume his job behind the wheel.

According to police involved Franklin confessed that he’d been having a hard time sleeping, and given the death of his wife and son, it is no wonder. Although he has been found at fault for the accident he has not been charged and his license is under investigation.

Fuller’s sad personal circumstances do not lessen the grief that Peverley’s wife and two children face at his passing, though. Peverley, a long-time Phlebotomist, was well known and well liked by co-workers and friends. He biked to stay in shape, and loved his life as a father, husband, and breadwinner for his family.

Given the suddenness of his passing, friends are starting a (non-tax-deductible) memorial fund to help his family defray sudden and unavoidable costs.

If you’re interested in donating, please make out all contributions to “Suntat (Sunny) Peverley Memorial/Family Account”. The account is set up at the US Bank, Reference Account #153467815533 Scripps Ranch Office, 9918 Hilbert Street, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 9213.

Donations can be made at the bank, handed to any Cyclo-Vet officer or board member, or mailed to:

“Suntat (Sunny) Peverley Memorial/Family Account” c/o Howard E. King, Jr. 402 West Broadway, Suite 860, San Diego, CA 92101

Please keep the Peverley family in your hearts and minds–and stay as safe as you can out there on these wild urban and rural roads.


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