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Spotlight on Anywhere Bicycle Repair

Stuart Clott is the founder of Anywhere Bicycle Repair and has been a San Diego Resident since 2004. He averages about 100 miles per week on his bike, so he's pretty much covered San Diego on his bike!

Stu has 11 years of bicycle service as a salesman, repairman and manager and has worked at several of San Diego top bike shops since his arrival 2004. He also worked for six years at Havertown, Pennsylvania's premiere bicycle shop, Human Zoom (formerly Bike Line).

Over the years in communicating with client's Stu has found that people don't fix their bikes as much as they ride them. His goal with Anywhere Bicycle Repair is to change the way people think about getting their bicycle repaired. What if people could receive bicycle repair service anywhere they were, on the spot? Anywhere Bicycle Repair is the start of that dream.

Check out their web site and list of services ranging from minor repairs to tune ups to lessons - you name it!


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