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Russ Jones, Triathlete Extraordinaire & TCSD Member to speak on Sunday 6/20

I’m really excited to announce that TCSD member and Triathlete Extroaordinaire Russ Jones is going to speak to us on Sunday June 20th at the Cafe Elysa (3076 Carlsbad Blvd.) in Carlsbad at 9:00 a.m.

He will be speaking about Time Specific Training on the bike and the run. His mantra is “Less is More”.

Russ is a USAT #1 ranked age group triathlete in the 50-54 group. He’s won over 100 triathlons in his 33 year career and was also a National age group champ as well. His marathon time of 2:18 also qualified for him in the past for the Olympic trials.

I have known Russ for about 20 years. He’ll soon be retiring as a mailman and will offer his experience as a coach. He once had a flattering triathlon article written about him titled the “The Mailman delivers… even on Sundays.” His longevity & success in the sport of triathlon is hard to match. I kid him that he’s like Cal Ripken, the Baltimore Orioles longevity king.

Russ can be reached at

We hope you can join us to hear from this dynamic athlete! Everything’s free, so come on out and bring a friend.


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