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  • Richard L. Duquette

Release of Mountain Bikes in Magistrate's Hands

Dear Clients,

Today I drove to San Diego Federal Court and hand delivered my declaration in support of an ORDER to have the Magistrate SET a date for a motion ordering the RELEASE of the Mt Bikes.

The courtroom clerk will deliver it to the Magistrate hearing THESE cases. Those documents are attached hereto for your review and distribution to others interested.

Because there are no Public Offense case numbers assigned to the citations by the Court system, we are really asking the court to ADVANCE our requests to have our motions heard.

We have waited patiently since January 16, 2016 for a court date. This is a reasonable approach to return the mountain bikes and safeguard them pending the final disposition of our cases.

Our MOTION for the return of property, FOIA and LAW are on my blog (referenced on my web site) and the SDMBA Facebook page, free for others use.

The release of the Mt Bikes is NOW in the hands of the Federal Magistrate for a decision, which I expect in a few days.

Most Sincerely, Richard L. Duquette


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