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Floyd Landis Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Now the next question is, did Lance Armstrong?

Landis has been fighting to clear his name since he tested positive for synthetic testosterone at the 2006 TDF. Finally coming “clean” in an interview with the press, Landis detailed his extensive, consistent use of HGH, EOP, testosterone and more for the majority of his career.

Determined, it seems, to bring the rest of the dopers down with him, he sent emails to bicycling and anti-doping officials implicating many other well-respected athletes–including Armstrong–as well as team managers and international governing bodies.

Armstrong, who recently crashed in the Tour de California, seems to have bigger things to worry about, namely getting into top shape for the upcoming Tour de France.

For more about Landis’ admissions, visit this ESPN article.

Stay tuned–something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this doping controversy.


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