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  • Richard L. Duquette

Feds Welch on the Release of the Mt. Bikes

When the military was recently offered a stipulation to the evidentiary chain of custody and a guarantee the mountain bikers will appear in court in exchange for the expensive bikes, presented by our Brigadier General Attorney, the mountain bikers were denied, without any explanation. In other words, when we met the military's spokespersons claimed concerns, they welched.

This is forcing the mountain bikers to file motions in federal court seeking the formal release of the bikes by a Federal magistrate's order.

As was quoted in Mr Duquette's motion to be filed soon in court:

"This is not the America we have learned to love."

The MOTION FOR RETURN OF PROPERTY, FOIA request and case law can be found on Mr Duquette's blog and the SDMBA Facebook page.

(We encourage you to write the press to keep this injustice in the public's eye.)

NBC 7 San Diego covers the story:


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