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  • Richard L. Duquette

Duquette Receives Award

OCEANSIDE, CA. OCTOBER 18, 2016 – Bicycle injury lawyer and advocate Richard Duquette was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) last night. This award was in recognition of his valuable contributions to the SDMBA.

Mr. Duquette was presented the award by Susie Murphy, SDMBA Executive Director, and SDMBA Board member Minette Ozaki, at the association's Volunteer Appreciation Party. The event was held on October 17, 2016, at Green Flash Brewing Company's San Diego tasting room.

Richard contributed many hours defending local mountain bikers in Federal court after they were unfairly arrested while riding on the poorly marked "Stowe Trail" adjacent to the Miramar Air Station. He also obtained the return of his clients' valuable mountain bikes and a dismissal of misdemeanor charges in exchange for a small administrative fee.

This action by Mr. Duquette paved the way for the settlement of other mountain bikers arrested that day.

Mr. Duquette's labors advanced SDMBA's previous efforts to advocate for cyclists in the area, along with those of County supervisor Dianne Jacob. Now Miramar is going to open up the Stowe Trail to other mountain bikers, but with improved signage.

Due to the notoriety and press coverage of this case, Mr. Duquette was recently consulted in a similar case in Arizona where mountain bikers were arrested. By sharing his legal pleadings and knowledge with others, Mr. Duquette helped ensure that those criminal cases were also dismissed.

To learn more about this case and other issues related to bicycling and the law, check out Mr. Duquette's blog.


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