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Contador Wins Tour de France 2010 (Plus Stage 20 Updates)

By now it is all over the airwaves, computer screens, and Internet…Contador has won his 3rd Tour de France. Even though Schleck and Contador looked friendly and relaxed during the final stage–joking with each other and smiling for the camera, theirs is a rivalry that is bound to make the next few TDF races exciting for spectators.

In what must have seemed insult on top of injury, Armstrong’s team was made to remove their LIVESTRONG jerseys before the finish line, though. Team RadioShack had donned the “LIVESTRONG 28″ jerseys in a attempt to call attention to the 28 million people who die of cancer each year. (You can read more about it at the Christian Science Monitor by clicking here)

For an interactive (and exhaustive!) rundown of the entire TDF standings this year, you can visit the “standing” page on the official Tour de France website.

Happy TDF 2010, everybody. Ride safe and see you soon!


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