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Dismissal of Misdemeanor Charges for Mountain Bikers - Bicycle Injuries

Dismissed and Property Returned
Miramar (San Diego), CA - Obtained the return of several seized mountain bikes and the dismissal of misdemeanor charges on behalf of mountain bikers stopped while riding the poorly marked "Stowe Trail," part of a military

The Mission Times Courier recently published an article on the subject of the Miramar Marine base mountain bike confiscation case, a case in which Richard Duquette stepped into the spotlight in his role representing several of the riders whose bikes were confiscated.

The case ended with a successful resolution for Richard's clients, and it was a great exercise in protecting the legal rights of bicycle riders in San Diego County. The Mission Times Courier piece discusses the recent case, as well as other instances in the past when bicycles and motorcycles have been seized on the base going back to the early '90s.

To read the article in full visit the link below:

"Bumps in the trail" – Mission Times Courier, April 15th 2016

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