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  • Richard L. Duquette

Bicycle Law and Why I Love Helping Bicyclists

I love bicycling and find bicyclists make great clients. So, I’ve devoted a major portion of my practice of law to helping injured bicyclists get full justice, i.e. a fair settlement or jury verdict.

I have over 38 years of personal racing and cycling experience and I understand the law and dynamics of safe bicycling. That experience has allowed me to develop an effective approach communicating to jurors from the bicyclist’s perspective.

This gives you, the client, an edge over the insurance defense lawyers and adjusters as well as other ordinarily qualified injury lawyers who lack experience and commitment assisting bicyclists.

Please review the following articles which will help you and also demonstrate my commitment to cyclists:

  • The Door Zone Debate

  • Cyclist Wins

  • How to prove your BICYCLE INJURY Case

  • The Defense Medical Exam

  • Bicyclists Rights in Court


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