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Charged With a Violent Crime? Get an Award-Winning Trial Attorney on Your Side Today

Oceanside Violent Crime Attorney

Defining Violent Crimes

In general, violent crimes are those that cause the victim to suffer physical harm or the fear of immediate harm. The most common examples include assault, battery, rape, domestic violence, robbery, criminal threats, manslaughter, and murder. These offenses can be charged as serious felonies and may result in a prison sentence, as well as thousands of dollars in fines. The Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette provides knowledgeable and effective criminal defense for anyone who has been arrested for a violent crime in the Oceanside area.

Defense Against Charges of a Violent Crime

When facing charges of a violent crime, your best decision is to retain an Oceanside attorney as soon as possible. In order to prosecute your case, your opponent will need to prove that you intended to cause them harm or put them in fear of harm. Many violent crime cases have been defended by proving that the defendant had no intention of causing harm or placing the plaintiff in fear of harm. My firm deeply investigates each case in order to gather evidence that can be used to fight each client's charges and defend them from a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Oceanside

Do not hesitate to retain an attorney if you have been charged with a violent crime. Some of the most serious charges a person can face are violent crimes, namely manslaughter and murder. My firm understands the serious nature of these charges and will not back down from your defense until the best possible results have been obtained. I have served the community for 38 years and can guarantee outstanding service and personal attention throughout the course of your defense.

Contact my firm right away to start building a strong defense against your violent crime charges!