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Juvenile Defense Attorney in Oceanside

Criminal Cases Involving Minors

Anyone who has been arrested for a crime knows how terrifying the experience can be. This experience is even worse for underage individuals who are arrested for a crime. As the parent of a child who is facing criminal charges, you cannot afford to wait when it comes to hiring a lawyer.

Your child's reputation and their future are at stake and require the skilled representation of an Oceanside attorney. When arrested for a crime, your child could face ridicule by their peers and a loss of respect from their teachers and mentors. The sooner you hire an attorney, the better.

The Juvenile Criminal Process

Juvenile cases are handled differently than adult criminal cases. Minors who are charged with lesser offenses, such as vandalism or marijuana possession, may be sent back home on probation instead of being held in a juvenile detention center. The penalties for juvenile cases are also less severe, particularly in the area of imprisonment.

If sentenced to jail, juveniles are placed in juvenile detention centers, or in residential youth correctional facilities. Extreme cases may result in a juvenile being tried and convicted as an adult, however, so be sure to retain a lawyer as soon as possible if your child has been arrested.

Speak with an Oceanside Criminal Lawyer

Take part in a free consultation today to learn how my firm can skillfully and aggressively fight your child's charges. I have 38 years of legal experience and can give my full attention and energy to the defense of your underage son or daughter. I deeply investigate the details of each case in order to maximize the results. I also conduct focus groups and mock trials as needed.

My firm has what it takes to protect your child's future, so contact my firm as soon as possible to get started.