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Breath & Blood Tests

DUI Defense Lawyer in Oceanside

Police officers must have evidence of your intoxication before they can make a legal arrest for driving under the influence (DUI). This evidence can be gathered through field sobriety tests, but most officers refrain from arresting a suspect until the driver has failed a breath or blood test.

Breathalyzer tests are the most common means of determining a motorist's blood alcohol content (BAC). The legal limit to drive is 0.08% BAC, which is measured in grams per liter (g/L) of blood. If a person fails a breathalyzer test or blood test with 0.08% BAC or higher, they may think that they have no defense. Fortunately, a skilled Oceanside defense attorney from the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette can fight your DUI regardless of your test results!

Fight Your Breath or Blood Test

You may very well have a defense regardless of your test results. Breathalyzer machines are very delicate. When administering a breath test, the police officer must properly calibrate the machine in order to guarantee a valid reading. My firm can investigate your breath test to determine whether or not you are the victim of police misconduct. Blood tests can also be false if they were contaminated at the time they were drawn or during processing in the lab. If such contamination or police misconduct can be proven in court, your DUI charges could be dropped or your case dismissed.

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The Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette can provide the counsel and representation that you need. Having practiced criminal defense and personal injury for 38 years, I am more than capable of fighting your DUI charges. I stay on top of any changes to California's DUI laws and investigate each case thoroughly in order to provide the strongest defense.

I have an AV Preeminent® Rating with Martindale-Hubbell® and a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating, and my firm is BBB® accredited. Contact my firm today for the defense that you need!