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Being arrested for a crime is a terrifying experience. After being charged with a crime, the most important decision you can make is to retain an experienced Oceanside lawyer to fight your charges. Facing charges with an inadequate lawyer by your side could forever change the course of your future.

A criminal conviction on your record will make it much more difficult to pursue a decent career, since many employers are hesitant to hire someone with a criminal record. Anyone who has been arrested for a crime of any kind should not hesitate to find out what my firm can do to defend them.

Why You Should Choose Our Firm

Come to the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette for an Oceanside criminal defense attorney you can trust. My firm is accredited by the Better Business Bureau®.

I have also received numerous awards and accolades myself, including:

Furthermore, I am a 2012 Avvo Clients' Choice Award winner, having received five or more ratings of four stars or higher from clients. My testimonials add further proof of my excellent service and results. With more than 38 years of experience, I am ready to fight for you!

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence? Charges of DUI can result in license suspension, fines, and possible time in jail. Repeat offenses could escalate to a felony and land you in prison. My firm has a thorough understanding of the DUI processand can skillfully fight your charges and help you save your license. I handle cases involving everything from breath and blood teststo DMV hearings.

Criminal Defense Cases Handled by My Firm

Perhaps you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug crime. My firm can provide solid defense for individuals who are facing charges of possession, cultivation, manufacture, sales, trafficking, and distribution of narcotics and other controlled substances. Common cases involve illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, LSD, PCP, and other such drugs. Even when it is not possible to avoid a conviction, I may still be able to help you stay out of jail through Prop 36 alternative sentencing.

If your underage child has been arrested, my firm can provide skilled defense for charges of juvenile crimes. Underage persons are usually treated with some leniency in criminal cases. They are detained and imprisoned in juvenile detention centers and correctional facilities, though most cases involve probation, instead. Other cases have harsher consequences, so protect your child's future by hiring a criminal lawyer from my firm as soon as possible.

If you have been charged with a theft crime, I have handled cases ranging from petty theft to grand theft, as well as robbery, burglary, and embezzlement. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony offense, my firm has the knowledge and experience to fight your charges. My firm also handles all types of violent crime cases. From assault and battery to domestic violence and murder, my firm can provide the defense that you need. I investigate the laws in detail to ensure that your defense is the strongest it can possibly be. Speak with me today to discuss your options for defense.

Disclaimer: Each Case has unique facts and there is No guarantee of similar results.

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Do not wait another moment before contacting my office for help. We can meet for a confidential consultation during which you can tell me your side of the story and get answers to your questions about the case.

You cannot safely discuss the case with anyone but your criminal defense lawyer, because statements you make can end up being used as evidence you. Bring the case to me for experienced guidance and hard-hitting representation in court. I know what a challenging experience this must be for you, and want to help you find your way out of the criminal justice system.

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