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God Made a Trial Lawyer*

In his famous speech, Paul Harvey called attention to an underappreciated profession: the farmer. Similarly, trial lawyers deserve the same recognition. They have a positive impact on society that often goes unnoticed. They are responsible for changing corporate safety policies, shaping consumer legislation, and fighting in the trenches in courtrooms across America—against all odds—for the average person, including injury victims.

Credit also is given to the following trial lawyers:

  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Clarence Darrow
  3. Gerry Spence
  4. Johnny Cochran
  5. Race Horse Hayes
  6. Gary Wenkle Smith
  7. Joe Jamail
  8. Dick DeGuerin
  9. Ned Good
  10. Browne Greene

God Made a Trial Lawyer

On the 8th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said "I need a trial lawyer."

So, God made a trial lawyer.

God said, I need someone to get up before dawn, review the client's medical records, Deposition testimony, work all day in trial before a jury under stress, review his client's records, eat supper, and then meet up with experts until midnight.

So, God made a trial lawyer.

Then God thought, I need someone with a sharp mind, strong enough to fight insurance companies and over powering government interests, yet gentle enough to calm his client and his family in the heat of battle.

So, God made a trial lawyer.

Next God said, I need someone who can give his client hope, calm a cantanquerous witnesses, come home hungry, and wait for his wife to finish with her friends and tell them to come back soon—and mean it.

So, God made a trial lawyer.

Then God said, I need someone to wait for a jury verdict all day on pins and needles in the most difficult cases in the halls of the courthouse where nothing grows, watch a verdict, dry his eyes and pray that justice will be done.

Next God said, I need someone who can shape a winning direct and cross exam, and opening and closing argument from stacks of papers, records, and notes after a three-week trial. He will do his forty-hour week by Tuesday at noon and then put in another 72 hours.

So, God made a trial lawyer.

Then God thought he needed someone who would stand with criticism and prejudice, and ridicule while representing the downtrodden, oppressed and forgotten; yet move double speed to bring a case to verdict before the end of Friday in court.

So, God made a trial lawyer.

Then God thought, I need someone who will fight for justice and stand up to bullies, and swing back at charlatan politicians; yet gentle enough to tame a mad witness. One who will stop to splint the broken leg of a meadow lark or pet his dog as it wiggles up to him when returns home.

He had to be the one willing to stand up as a zealous advocate with the average person, against all odds, invest his own money into a case-risking it all-and not cut corners.

Someone to bale a family together with the strong bond of sharing, who would laugh and then sigh and reply with smiling eyes when his son or daughter says that he wants to spend his life doing "what his dad does."

So, God Made a Trial Lawyer

*Inspired by and credit to Paul Harvey for his famous speech "God Made a Farmer."