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Tips to Avoid DUI Conviction

  • Retain an experienced Oceanside DUI Lawyer to represent you. Only an experiencedSan Diego County DUI lawyer is able to spot your favorable issues and present them to the prosecutor, judge, jury or DMV hearing officer.
  • Do not take the Field Sobriety Tests. They are completely voluntary. Many Officers imply that if you pass, you will be let go; that may be true, but the Officer’s idea of passing is different than most people! You are better off not giving them evidence they can use against you. Politely decline to do the Field Sobriety Exercises.
  • Politely refuse to answer any of the Officer’s questions concerning the DUI investigation, either before or after the arrest. That way, there won’t be any statements that can be used against you in court.
  • Decline the Officer’s request that you take the Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test (PAS), if you are over 21. The Officer will usually imply you have to take it; you do not, and it does not count as one of the tests you do have to take, i.e. a breath or blood. (Urine tests are no longer used due to their unreliability). If you are on probation for another DUI, you may have given up your right to decline the PAS test.
  • Make sure all your tail lamps and lights work, and your windows are not unlawfully tinted, and you do not have a trailer ball hitch blocking your license plate. Many times persons are pulled over for these minor offenses, and end up arrested for DUI.
  • Always be on your best behavior. Some jurisdictions video tape the arrest, breath testing and/or booking process.
  • Photograph arm bruising from a blood draw.
  • Make a detailed list of all the events from before being stopped up to and including being released from custody.
  • Last and most important! You have ten (10) days from your date of arrest to call the DMV and request an APS hearing.
  • Call an experienced Oceanside DUI Lawyer and DMV Attorney to represent you and explain the penalties of drunk driving and how to best protect your license with the DMV.