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Giving Thanks for Those Special Moments

The fall chill is in the air and the approaching holidays mark the end of another great year! It is time for reflection and giving thanks.

When it comes to being grateful, so many people come to mind. This year was magical, and I feel extremely fortunate to have met so many new warm people. It's hard to mention each one of you, but you know who you are. You are the race directors, crew, support staff, bike mechanics, editors, and of course – the "highly paid" club volunteers of various types that made the race season a success. You are the unspoken heroes who wake up early …I mean really early, like 2-3 a.m.... to set up the races. I met you at bicycle races, running and swimming events, and triathlons. You made them great!

When it comes to being thankful, don't forget the often overlooked spouses and partners too. Without their support and their willingness to cheer us on, where would we be? They are also the true unsung heroes.

So, here's a photo that I took of a classy lady named Pat Baker, under an umbrella (held lovingly by her husband). To me, it epitomizes teamwork, love, and dedication to a better life. (It was taken in the rain one early morning at the Fiesta Island Time Trial, which was one of the many events I sponsored in 2010). It is love in its simplest form, holding the umbrella so that Pat could warm up.

I want to thank all of you for your support, encouragement and caring at this last years events and adventures! Also, thank you all so much for your case referrals which enable me to continue to support your club and the sport. I will see you all out there in 2011.

If you see me, make sure to say hello. As we all know, the race season is a busy time for everyone. I look forward to the opportunities we'll have to chat, and take in a special moment.

Happy Holidays!
Richard Duquette
Bicycle Injury Trial Attorney, Since 1983