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RAAM Is Upon Us: Cue The Hallucinations

The 3,000 mile trans-continental bike race known as the Race Across America (RAAM) kicked off on the first Tuesday of the month.

A little history of the event: It was started in 1982 and was first known as the Great American Bike Race. Participants began at the Santa Monica Pier and ended at the Empire State building in NYC. But as of late, participants begin the ride in Oceanside, CA and finish in Annapolis, MD.

Both solo competitors and relay teams participate in RAAM, although they’re broken up into categories. This year, the race has had 33 solo entrants (including 4 women!) and 39 teams, although who knows how many will finish the race. Because it is one of the most psychologically and physically grueling events around, drop-outs are par for the course.

You can keep up with RAAM news on their official website, although you’ll want to tune back in to our blog for the final results once they’re in.