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Update: Brentwood CA Doctor To Stand Trial Soon For Assault With Deadly Weapon Charge

You first heard about Christopher Tomas Thompson, the 59 year old Brentwood Doctor charged with road rage, in our initial blog post here.

Since the alleged incident Thompson has been nicknamed “The Road Rage Doctor,” by incensed press and public, and will stand trial for assault with a deadly weapon starting on September 17th.

The cyclists involved are on the mend, but still feeling the impact of their severe injuries: Peterson had a broken nose and had to endure one and a half hours of surgery and over 100 stitches for the extensive cuts he received when his face went through Thompson’s rear car window, and Stoehr suffered a separated shoulder and has multiple surgeries on the horizon.

You can read more about the impending trial and the case here, courtesy of the Los Angeles Streets Blog.

You can hear the accounts of the alleged incident first hand in the videos I have embedded below.