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The Door Zone Debate

I would like to comment on pending legislation affecting bicyclists (prompted by a helpful email from Bill Nesper from the League of American Bicyclists). Specifically, a section has been added to the ...
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Duquette Sponsors San Diego Mountain Biking Association

OCEANSIDE, CA. DECEMBER 26, 2016 – On December 13, 2016, the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) and the Law Firm of Richard L. Duquette entered into a long-term Platinum Sponsorship ...
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13 Ways to Help Win Your Personal Injury Bicycle Case©

Communicate regularly by e-mail and telephonic appointments, as well as schedule in-person appointments with Mr. Duquette to discuss your case. Avoid posting Face Book or other social media internet ...
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A Victim's Guide to Sentencing Alternatives

Many bicyclists and pedestrians fall victim to criminal conduct in the process of being injured. In many cases the first thought the defendant will have is not how to compensate the victim, but how to ...
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Bicycle Light Law at Dark

As the fall leaves change colors, the days get shorter. This means it gets dark earlier. Because many bicyclists commute to work or play, its good to refresh ourselves on the laws that apply to ...
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Recovering Money for an Athlete's Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Money is often the only justice an injury victim can receive, as we can't lock up careless drivers-unless the act was criminal. One form of recovery is: " loss of enjoyment of life". By ...
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The Defense Medical Exam

The Defense Medical Exam: Say you’re whacked by a car while out on a ride. You’re hurt, maybe even have fractured bones. The motorists fault is clear, but the insurance company still ...
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TCSD Conversation by Craig Zelent

Richard Duquette was interviewed by Craig Zelent with the Triathlon Club of San Diego: I had the pleasure recently of talking to Richard Duquette, Bicycle attorney, triathlete and longtime sponsor, ...
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Brief History of Marijuana Legalization

On November 8, 2016, Californians and Americans living in several other States will be allowed to vote for the legalization of marijuana for "recreational use." Colorado and Washington ...
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Bicycling and Drugged Drivers

Since California first legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes with Proposition 215 in 1996, there has been a growing national movement towards full legalization. In 2012, Colorado and Washington ...
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God Made a Trial Lawyer*

In his famous speech, Paul Harvey called attention to an underappreciated profession: the farmer. Similarly, trial lawyers deserve the same recognition. They have a positive impact on society that ...
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Brain Injury Basics

BECAUSE THE BRAIN is such a delicate and complicated organ, brain injuries can be a tricky thing to treat--and to prove in court. When cyclists hit their heads in accidents there are numerous ways ...
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Duquette Receives Award

OCEANSIDE, CA. OCTOBER 18, 2016 – Bicycle injury lawyer and advocate Richard Duquette was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the San Diego Mountain Biking Association ( SDMBA ) last ...
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Calculating Pain & Suffering

The law provides for two forms of damages in most bicycle injury cases – Economic and Non- Economic damages. These damages equal justice. Economic Damages are hard losses like medical bills, and ...
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Bess Bronson Fundraiser at Felix's BBQ with Soul

Join us at Felix's BBQ with Soul restaurant for a fundraising event to elect Bess Bronson for Oceanside School Board on October 12, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. Ms. Bronson and I are going to speak on the ...
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The Three Feet for Safety Act: "Proving a Violation"

In an effort to increase Safety on California roadways, Governor Brown recently signed into law AB1371, effective September 16, 2014. The new law requires a three-foot buffer by motorists passing a ...
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Suing a Drunk Driver

Recently I settled what initially looked like a small case for a triathlete/cyclist. We were fortunate to receive the defendant's full insurance policy limits. I believe this was because the ...
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How to Prove Your Bicycle Injury Case

Tips to protect your accident rights: If you are injured in an accident below is a list of tips to assist you in protecting your rights and also understanding the insurance claim process. Obtain ...
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CARBON FIBER BIKE© Repair and Recovery

CARBON FIBER BIKE © Repair and Recovery Let's explore several different options to recover for damage to your carbon fiber bike. Its heart breaking to see these works of art damaged. First, a ...
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Four Tips to Recover a Fair Property Damage Settlement

“The repair estimate for your client’s bicycle is for more than the value of my car.” Insurance Adjusters have said this to me while I’m attempting to settle bicycle property ...
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USMC & San Diego Mountain Biking Association Negotiate to Open Trails

There's good news for mountain bikers, runners and hikers this week! A breaking story has confirmed that public access to the historic Stowe Trail is in the works with USMC – Miramar ...
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Reconstructing a Bicycle Crash©

Reconstructing a bicycle crash scene will help you win your case. Here are a few points to consider when analyzing your case. The physical evidence tells a story, like the defendant's speed and ...
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Evidence Wins Bicycle Injury Cases

When a cyclist goes down, at the hands of a careless motorist, precise evidence collection will often win the case. It goes without saying, that the health of the injured cyclist is a priority. ...
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Cyclists' Rights in Court

YOU ARE LIKELY to end up in the criminal court if you or your family is the victim of a vehicular homicide, hit-and-run or is hit by a drunk driver. Bicyclists who fall victim to criminal conduct have ...
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How Insurance Companies Investigate Your Claim

You're out riding your bike and suddenly you're hit and it's not even your fault. What's your next plan of action? Attorney Richard Duquette explains how insurance companies ...
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