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Blog Posts in 2011

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California to Stop Towing Unlicensed Drivers

Starting Jan. 1, 2012 a new law takes effect in California that prohibits police officers from impounding cars at sobriety checkpoints if a motorist's only offense is being an unlicensed driver. ...
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New 2012 California Motor Vehicle Laws: Be Informed

The California State Legislature approved a number of new motor vehicle laws which, unless otherwise noted, take effect January 1, 2012. These New Motor Vehicle Laws Pertain to: Vehicle License Fees ...
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SPYclocross Race – Jan 7, 2012 – CSU: San Marcos

Dear Bicyclists, Below is a flyer for the upcoming Spy Clo-Cross race on January 7, 2012 starting at 8:00 a.m. Feel free to print and distribute it. The race is a 3k course, mostly dirt, and will be ...
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SPYClocross Event Photos

Of Interest, here are a few photos of the recent Lake Hodges Cyclocross race. I was a sponsor and participated in the SPYCyclocross race at Lake Hodges, hosted by the Ranchos Cycling and Team ...
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Spy Clo-Cross, Sat Oct 29th - Course Map

Dear Bicyclists, Here is the course map for the Spy Clo-Cross race on October 29th. It should be a great time for all. Hope to see you out there! - Richard Duquette
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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Bill Limiting DUI Checkpoints

Under the new law (courtesy of Assemblyman Gil Cedillo), police in California will not be able to freely impound cars from sober-but-unlicensed drivers at DUI checkpoints anymore. This bill is an ...
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Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Bicycle Bill As Unsafe

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bicycle safety bill that would have required motorists to give bicyclists at least 3 feet of passing room or slow down. He believed this bill was fundamentally unsafe ...
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CHP Revises Findings in Fatal Collision: Bicyclist Not To Blame

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has revised its assessment of a fata collision between a bicyclist and a big rig truck that happened last November. Initially the CHP investigation team said that ...
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Bell Sports Files Suit Against Specialized, Alleging Unlawful Business Practices

Specialized Bicycle Components was recently hit with a lawsuit filed by Bell Sports which claimed that the company engaged in "unfair and unlawful" business practices. The September 9, 2011 ...
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Harassing Bicyclists In LA Is Now A Crime

The streets of LA may have gotten a bit safer for bicyclists–thanks in no small part to the Los Angeles council. The LA Times reports that this last Wednesday the council passed an ordinance ...
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US Interstate Bicycle Highway In The Works has delivered some welcome news–apparently the United States is moving toward the development of an interstate bicycle highway system–nation wide! Apparently the US ...
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Big Win At Kalispell For 4Mil and Wounded Warrior Project

Joe Arnone and Team 4 Mil, all either current or former military veterans, participated in this year’s Race Across America. Team 4 Mil outperformed all other military teams, winning the Armed ...
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Carlsbad Triathlon Sunday July 10

Join us for a great day for sun, fun and racing at the 30th anniversary of the Carlsbad Triathlon on Sunday July 10th. Today at the expo, we enjoyed helping pass out goodie bags and tec-t’s to ...
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Education Is Key For Bicyclist and Motorist Safety

Greg Walker, both an endurance athlete and Engineering Professional in Bakersfield, California, has written a moving, well-reasoned, and important editorial about SB 910 (otherwise known as ...
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CA Senate Approves 3-Foot Passing Bill

California may soon become the 19th state to pass a bill protect bicyclists against unsafe vehicular passing practices. Senate Bill 910, also known as the 3-Foot Passing Bill, was approved 27-9 and is ...
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Race Across America is Here

Race Across America, known as RAAM, is underway. They’ve already announced an individual winner (Christopher Strasser, more on his win here ), you can keep up with the latest scores on their ...
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One Bicyclist Dead and Another Injured in Rancho Peñasquitos

Last Tuesday night, at about 6:20 PM an SUV plowed through the chain link fence that separated the bike lane from traffic, killing one bicyclist and injuring another. The driver, an unidentified ...
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Hincape Tells Feds Armstrong Doped?

According to a report by “60 Minutes” Hincape has joined Landis, Hamilton, and Andreu in claiming that Armstrong used banned performance-enhancing drugs during his long and successful ...
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Chris Horner Wins Tour of California

Chris Horner, 39, beat his RadioShack teammate Levi Leipheimer by 38 seconds to win the sixth Tour of California. Although Horner was the oldest rider to compete in the race, his final time of 23 ...
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Obama Kicks Off Wounded Warriors’ Ride has a great article on the May 4, 2011 Wounded Warriors’ bike ride. The Wounded Warriors’ ride, which stared in 2004 as a fundraiser for wounded troops, is going strong ...
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Bicycle Counters Needed in San Diego

The Institute for Public Health, with noted bicycle systems planner Dr. Sherry Ryan at the helm, is conducting a study on bicycle usage and traffic. They’re looking for people to count bicycles ...
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Bicycling and the Citizens of San Diego

According to this article in San Diego Magazine, the image of bicycling is changing in San Diego. Once thought to be the domain of athletes and hobbyists, bicycling is quickly becoming an important ...
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Carlsbad Man Arrested In Hit-And-Run Fatality

According to this articl e, 36 year old Joseph Ricardo Fernandez was arrested in relation to the hit-and-run death of James Steven Swarzman. According to police, Fernandez got in ...
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See original story here. Detectives now say that the truck they are looking for is a dark-colored Dodge Ram pickup. According to this follow-up article at, the truck would meet the ...

Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run: Information Needed!

James Steven Swarzman, a 47 year old competitive and recreational bicycle rider, was killed in a hit-and-run early last Sunday morning. He was on a training ride with two other bicyclists and, at near ...
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